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The Staff

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Christopher K. Daniels aka "Mr. Chris" is a singer/songwriter who is the president, founder and creative producer of Mr. Chris' Musical Experience (September 1998). He is also the energetic and captivating host of every "experience event"! He brings over 26 years of experience working with children to his "musical experience". Chris has studied music at Queensborough Community College in Bayside, NY and the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music in Flushing, NY. He loves serving children. He is blessed with one daughter, son by marriage, granddaughter and grandson and resides with his lovely wife, Jeanine in Jamaica, NY.

Jeanine Taylor-Daniels is the co-founder and administrative manager of Mr. Chris' Musical Experience. She has worked with children in various venues, in classrooms and enjoys nurturing kids with positive affirmations with each interaction. She has studied Children Development Associate work at Touro college. She enjoys working with her husband, Chris and brings her creative administrative talents to complement his creative musical talents. "We are a good team and equally enjoy enriching the lives of children"! She is blessed to share a daughter (Jasmine), son by marriage (Rashawn), a granddaughter (FaythNicole), a grandson (Rashawn Jr.) and lives a good life with an awesome, risk taker husband who just happens to be her hero!

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